What our clients said about us

  • ,, We are very pleased with our cooperation with,,IK FINANCE,, DOO and we warmly recommend them. Their qualities are responsibility and professionalism, up to date, efficiently and correctly processed documentation and large business support. That manner of cooperation is precious for us because we can completely focus on the business activity we perform.,,
  • ,, I emphasize that cooperation with DOO IK FINANCE whose executive director is Mrs. Irena Kuburović is on exceptional level, efficient and directed for best results.
    ,, Magna Cum Laude,,
    Lawyer Nađa Al Saraji
  • ,, IK FINANCE DOO is Agency which always gives us professional advices on which base we make quality business decisions. Their quality also is efficiency, speed of performing jobs and quality.,,,
  • With IK Finance DOO our company cooperates in continuance from 2012. Under recommendation from another company, we have contacted the executive director and begun business cooperation lasting for 7 full years. This fact alone witnesses about our trust toward IK Finance. It is very important for us that, alongside regular bookkeeping obligations, we can always rely on them for up to date information when legal responsibilities toward country are in question. To every entrepreneur, company, and individual, in need of bookkeeping and consulting services, I recommend Irena Kuburović and IK Finance because of their committed work.
    Nina Šepić
    TeleEye – Montenegro d.o.o